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Give me some songs about romance!!!!!!!
That arent about fighting lol
Maybe like songs about nice romance or like 'My bae left :^('
This seems weird but....Blease

This is a cry for help, don't make me listen to Stay again.

Edit: Thank you everyone, I'm lookin' through them all!
Just because I like instagram

also, updates on stuff for sale. I post things for sale here first too.
It's literally just because I have limited time on DA / mobile is very hard and annoying and generally I'm an anti-social dummy :rose:
Usually, I get on and upload and leave lol and pop in and out when I get the chance.
Thanks for comments and notes and being kind in general !!
It means a lot always :rose::star:

no one asked but!!!!
fun playlists/one about my ocs/link me playlists if you want
I'm looking for someone who speaks German fluently who is willing to have easy/casual conversations with me and help me with simple mistakes. I'd also like it if someone would be comfortable to voice chat with me to help with pronunciation, but that's not necessary. I don't care your age, but keep in mind that I'm in my 20s. We don't just have to talk in German lol just generally need some fluent German friends to help me. I have discord, Skype and the line app.

edit: thanks so much guys!
i picked some people just based off age/what they're ok with so, for now, I'm set. Thank you all for offering
Whew, I'm so glad to say that the post had been removed after I had filled out the DMCA request!
That was a life saver. Thank you all who tried to help out and who stood up for me, that was nice of you guys!
It's super heartbreaking to see your work used, especially edited, and then be told to 'get over it' etc
I'll defintely be using a watermark from now on :rose:

Thank you again!


So, someone stole my art and edited it:…

This is my original >

I think the only way to report it is if you see it on your dash? I can't figure out how to report it from the direct page I linked you guys. I think on mobile reporting it just literally removes it from your dash but on desktop it is a different process where you can actually report the image.
I actually posted this image online once a very long time ago but deleted the original blog it was on.
In any case, my original is seen there. If you can report the edited post, please do.

Oh they told me they don't have to remove it because it is free to use!
They also said it wasn't my drawing...which is clearly is.
Anyway, they blocked me when I asked them to remove it and told me to get over it. lol

Edit 2:
Thanks everyone for your concern and help!
I filed the DMCA thing, hopefully that will work?
Please have respect for your fellow artists here.
Please consider the feelings and attachment some people have to their ocs and, when pulling inspiration, try to give the original space so that yours isn't clearly a "copy".
Some people have characters that represent a lot of things to them from emotions to precious things in their lives and to take something sincere and try to apply it to yourself is not a very respectable thing to do.
Try to put yourself into what you do. Don't try to recreate someone else.
TW: If violence, bodily fluids, or gore bother you, please do not scroll down!

So, cutgut and I made a grosstober list!
You're free to use /reblog/repost it too. If you'd like to follow my (hopefully) daily gross/goretober uploads, you can follow my blog, just for the occasion, grosstober
(- Chances are, I won't be uploading most to DA)

Anyway, we tried to make our list interesting! Starts out slow and then slowly picks up speed.


1. Bruises
2. Stab Wounds
3. Slit Throat
4. Decapitation
5. Exposed Guts
6. Amputation
7. Suffocated/Hanged
8. Hacked to Bits
9. Parasitic/Bug Infestation
10. Pus/Infection
11. Tumors
12. Skinned
13. Road Kill
14. Eaten Alive/Served
15. Melting
16. Sewn Back Together
17. Vomit
18. Poisoned
19. Teeth
20. Dissection
21. Tortured
22. Malformation/Mutated
23. Electrocution
24. Frost Bite
25. Sacrificed
26. Burned Alive
27. Bloating/Putrefaction
28. Advanced Decay
29. Botched Surgery
30. Experiment Subject
31. Exorcism/Demonic Possession
Just wanted to thank everyone again for being really nice about this and helping out.
Vincent actually died two days after I posted that journal. His condition deteriorated incredibly fast.
I'm sorry I haven't been active, just dealing with a lot~!
Additionally, I got into a pretty shitty car accident last night and I feel very, very nasty.
I'm sorry if I take a while to reply to comments and notes, but honestly thank you to everyone who reposted and donated and helped out.
There were a few other fundraisers for Vincent set up by friends and his school so we have a bit of money to go off of and it'll be ok. Thank you again.